I have realized that it’s a process. Think of the tokens in the temple. Small touches, that get stronger and more pronounced as you move along. Think of the exchange of a token or coin. You feel a small impression in your hand from the token, but not necessarily from the person giving you the token or coin. Think of a bunch of rocks in your hand. If I press on one, you feel an impression, but you don’t feel the contact with me.

Well so it goes. Tiny impressions. Little tokens. By and by. Like gossamer in the wind. Faint and fleeting. Take those signs and tokens and run with it. Record them. Be believing. Press forward with Faith. Acting on these things develops faith.

The Liahona first gives you pointers on which way to go in the wilderness (1 Nephi 16:10) You must have faith, be diligent, and give heed to the direction you will receive (1 Nephi 16:28). Eventually the Liahona will give you more than impressions or directions. It eventually will astonish you with words (1 Nephi 16:27, 29).