I thought I would answer the questions presented on this blog just for fun.

A friend of mine sent this to me and I thought it was worthy of further discussion, so I’m forwarding to you. I guess they tried to post it to some blogs, but it was being deleted. Enjoy and please responds with comments.

I was reading the other day on a blog that doesn’t allow for comment. Since so many people that read that blog also read this blog, I’ve decided to comment here. The blog has to do with people forming small groups in an effort to bring people to Christ. If you don’t mind, I’d like to make a few observations.

One of the early comments was how those in the groups are collecting tithing to help the poor within the respective groups. Why hasn’t tithing been replaced with the law of consecration? Isn’t that the higher law?

That’s a good question. I think one answer might be that we’ve never practiced tithing correctly in our lifetime. There is a great post by Rock Waterman called, “Are we paying too much tithing?” I think it’s important to learn to walk before you run.

Another reason, I believe, is paying tithing in small groups and distributing your money directly to those in need shifts the responsibility back to the tithe payer. The way the church collects and distributes funds removes the stewardship from the tithed member and places it upon the church. There isn’t much difference between government taxation and state sponsored welfare programs than the current church system. The scriptures talk about this as something that is “grievous to be borne.”

Someone offering more, should be restoring that which was taken away. Why aren’t you selling all that you have and then dividing the proceeds equally based on the respective needs?

Some have already sold everything and relocated, but it hasn’t been asked of all. If you look back upon the restoration, not everything came all at once. In fact the restoration was left incomplete when Joseph died. The better question might be, why isn’t the church selling everything and establishing Zion?

Wouldn’t someone offering more, bring back the laws and ordinances of Melchizedek Priesthood, instead of changing slightly the laws and ordinances of the Aaronic Priesthood, something that we already have. Someone offering more, should be restoring that which was taken away. Why aren’t you functioning in the laws and ordinances of the Melchizedek Priesthood? It is because those laws and ordinances haven’t been revealed to you?

The temple endowment was originally given in two parts. The patrons were supposed to learn from the symbols of the aaronic portion, go home and receive the real thing, then return to receive the second portion of the endowment, the Melchizedek. This wasn’t an over night venture. The path back to God is strait and narrow. There aren’t any deviations on the way. So until a person receives the Holy Ghost and is ministered to by angels, then why do we need to move into a Terrestrial sphere?

Wouldn’t someone offering more ask you to leave the apostate church instead indicating that it’s ok to keep your feet in both camps. We shouldn’t be putting new wine in old bottles, should we? Why remain a Jew, if the true faith has been restored? Joseph Smith didn’t continuing going to the Methodist church, did he? It seems hypocritical to stay in a faith that your constantly condemning. Is it because you don’t believe enough in this new fellowship? If so, how does that make you any different than active members who also lack faith?

I get this question a lot. I would ask you this, should I abandon all of my friends and family? Am I not allowed to study the gospel if I don’t believe exactly like everyone in church. Should I give up on those who might be misguided in their beliefs? How can I implement Christlike behavior if everyone I associate believes and thinks exactly like I do. Are you saying you would take away my opportunity to serve another because of our differences?

I think the black and white, cut and dry, you’re in or you’re out mentality is really damaging. It creates judgement. I think it far more difficult to love someone who I disagree with than someone who flatters me.

I think whoever wrote this question will look back one day and find it silly and laugh at the paradigm they held. The reason being is that I think we’re going to start seeing a flood of Book of Mormon converts. Not Mormon Church converts, but those who gain a testimony of the book. Like this Southern Baptist Minister. Soon enough people will ignore the stigmas attached to the book because of past church failings.

My point is, how is what you are doing any different from that which is already being done. Joseph and Hyrum tried to restore that which was lost in an effort to establish Zion. I don’t see in this fellowship anything that could be construed as a restoration. Where are the new laws, the new ordinances, the new doctrine, the gathering? I’m not hearing of spiritual experiencing happening that aren’t being experienced by truth seeking members of the church.

Patience my friend. These things will come in time. Joseph and Hyrum didn’t do it in a day, in a year, or in their lifetime, but God has made promises He intends to keep. It’s funny you say you’re not hearing of any experiences that aren’t had by lay members, because It’s quite the opposite for me.

One thing that would help is to realize is that everyone, whether in or out of the church, comes to this earth with a different capacity to understand truth. Why it is that there are those who understand the gospel well and there are those who don’t care to understand the gospel? Even in your own fellowship, I am sure that there are those who have greater and lessor capacity to understand truth. Are you condemning those with less capacity or helping them understand more. If them, why not everyone? Every spirit comes to this earth with a different level of light. The amount of light you came with largely determines your desire, ability and capacity to obtain more light as activated by the Holy Ghost. New light is given based on your capacity and desire to receive more light. As long as one is building on what they came to earth with, then, are they not headed in the right direction. This is the very reason, we are commanded not to judge. Only the Father of our spirit and Christ know the amount of light an individual has. Every one, including leadership, understands truth at a different level.

Not condemning anyone. Why not everyone? What do you expect? Would you like me to hijack general conference? I blog so that I can reach more people in some fashion. The Lord invites all to come unto Him, that’s the standard. I can’t give people light or truth, only He can. I’m just a fool who can’t always discern when to speak up or when to keep quiet. (Alma 12:9–11)

I often read in your blogs that we shouldn’t rely on leaders to direct us, only Christ. Why then do we have Nephi, Mosiah, Alma, Mormon, Moroni, Peter, James, John, Joseph or the scriptures. If you lived during Alma’s time, when the church was in apostasy, would you have been condemning him? Sure there are those that are spiritually mature and have found Christ on their own. However, there are many, no most, that are spiritually immature and need leadership to help them get on/down the path that leads to Christ. Could this be who are current leadership is talking too? People who know Christ don’t need help. However, people who don’t but want to know Christ may need some help. When you abandon those that need help; how can you be an instrument in helping people come to Christ.

Yes of course people need help, I always say that everyone is your opportunity to serve (Mosiah 2:17). However I think time changes the actual reality of history. Had we lived back in the day, we wouldn’t have stoned the prophets! (Matt 23:30) For some reason we think all of these prophets you mention led a church. If you’ll notice prophets are independent of a church. What makes them a prophet is not a calling. Prophets in scripture are unique because of their experiences. Most prophets are rejected. Only time and reflection makes a society cherish most true prophets, even then their message is susceptible to the current regime. I’ve written more on that in these posts True Prophets vs False Prophets.

When you remove yourself from the population because of their lack of understanding you are judging them. When instead, you should be helping those with lessor light gain greater capacity. Teaching those with less capacity means that you need to teach them on their level, not yours. The reason why teaching experiences, that pertain to an increased level of depth, should be one-on-one and not one-on-many. Unless one has the ability to phrase their words so that they can be understood on different levels.

I think I’ve answered most of this. This is largely your own opinion. I’m getting a little confused, earlier you asked why would I stay, now you’re condemning me if I go. So what is it?

Some day some one will come with power and authority to bring back the laws and ordinances that Joseph and Hyrum tried but failed to restore. One day the Time of the Gentiles will be Fulfilled and a gathering will take place. Then there will be new laws, new ordinances, new doctrine and a gathering of a few from among the many. Until then, there will be many claiming authority but showing no power. Some of who, after claiming to have seen the Christ, will continue to use the corrupt legal system to sue people in order to maintain a certain standard of living.

Yes these things will happen. Perhaps it’s already happening and you’re missing all the fun. Don’t knock it until you try it.