This comparison was done to help speed the review process along. If you have any concerns, please comment below.

The left side, colored with red, represents the current Latter-Day Saint (LDS) Edition of The Book of Mormon. (as of March/April 2017) The Right side, in green, represents the new proposed Restoration Edition of the Book of Mormon. (March 2017)

The chapters below are grouped by the chapters in the Restored Edition. The bullet points below each chapter represent the current chapters from the LDS Edition. The titles on DiffChecker only remind users where they are in relation to each edition.

The versification was removed from the LDS Edition in order for the difference checker to recognize the differences in each paragraph. Otherwise it would not be possible to see the differences in the text.

Title Page
Testimony of Witnesses

1 Nephi

1 Nephi 1 (1 Nephi 1 • 1 Nephi 2 • 1 Nephi 3 • 1 Nephi 4 • 1 Nephi 5)

1 Nephi 2 (1 Nephi 6 • 1 Nephi 7 • 1 Nephi 8 • 1 Nephi 9)


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