Here are the words of scripture from conference as delivered line upon line, here a little and there a little. 11.5 hours of conference and this is every line read during the 11.5 hours.

Some thoughts:

Are the scriptures just a bunch of short cute phrases?

Does God only speak in the form of meme?

Are we really only trying to memorize the most quotable passages of scripture?

Did the prophets of old sound like this, speaking their cute phrases in an attempt to call the world to repentance?

Eventually we will be reduced to taking only one verse a week and trying to commit it to memory by thinking about it for a few moments each day. It will be our verse! We then can proudly insert into our version of a GenCon talk, while speaking about another GenCon talk, that surely is quoting other GenCon talks.

It’s difficult to get a true sense of what their talk was about once you remove everything else.

I never realized how many references are only sound bites. (One, two, or three words)

They rarely quote a full passage of scripture.

It’s seems many references are only to support the speaker’s ideas, rather than trying to support the scriptures.

They never expound the meaning of the scriptures.

Other verses are never used to support or clarify what’s being read from the scriptures.

Scripture sound bites are used to create new meanings for the purposes of the speaker.

They do not quote leaders from more than ~25 years ago.

Joseph Smith was quoted only 5 or 6 times, and usually out of context.

They tend to rephrase verses so that they aren’t actually quoting scripture, but making something new.

The sentimentality gets removed when presented this way, heartsell isn’t so noticeable. #heartsell

It’s amazing how little scripture their talks contain.

They look down at times while quoting verses, perhaps to appear as if they are reading from the scriptures.

What did you notice?